At krydse Storebælt


The Great Belt Bridge authorities, Sund&Bælt, and the Danish Ministry of Transport has granted permission for the Aarhus-Odense-Copenhagen bicycle road race to cross the bridge, giving it a time slot of almost 3 hours (03. pm - 05:45 pm) on 7th September 2024. Crossing the bridge by bike requires a number of safety precautions, which all participants are obliged to follow. Participants breaching these rules will immediately be expelled from the race! The bridge will be open for bikes in 2 lanes from vest to east. Racemarshall will circuit the bridge. 1 lane will be open for cars. It is strictly forbidden to stop or stay on the bridge!If you experience a breakdown, then you must contact the callcenter or one of the racemarshalls. Information on the strict safety rules will be posted and updated on this webpage.

It is strictly forbidden to stop or stay on the bridge!

01-09-2012: Motionscykelløbet Aarhus - København
© Klaus Sletting / Lars Rønbøg / Jan Christensen
The police and the bridge authorities, Sund&Bælt, have the full responsibility of determining whether the bridge is safe to cross by bicycle on the day of the race.
Naturally, safety precautions are stringent and Veggerby Sport & Kultur will adhere strictly to all such precautions. However, Veggerby Sport & Kultur does not accept legal or financial liability in the unlikely event that the weather or other circumstances should prevent participants from crossing the bridge by bicycle.
As a participant you accept all risks and responsibility. Make sure you are properly insured. Remember helmets are mandatory. Tri-bars are not permitted.
The race organiser does not accept any legal or financial liability at all.