How do I prepare for the race?
- There are many ways. However, you need to cycle evenly throughout the season. You need to do 2500-3000 kilometers before the race in one season, preferably a couple of times with 200 km. Get used to the saddle for a long time. See more under "Training Tips".

What if I get ill during the race?
- Bring your mobile and make sure you have various numbers on the nearest taxi, train station, hospital and more. along the route.

Can I get picked up if I get mechanical problems?
- Yes, if there is available capacity - there will be pick up buses along the route. You can't expect to be driven all the way to the finish however, as a starting point you will be set off at the nearest train / bus station, but depends on capacity.

Can I downgrade/upgrade my distance?
- Yes. Upgrading requires additional payment on the distance difference at the time of enrollment.

What is the minimum age?
- You must be 15 years old on race day.

Can I ride with tri-bars and time trial-bike?
- No! The usual racing bike is the allowed one. Alternative cycles such as HPV, time trial, tricycles, tandem etc. is not allowed.

If you arrive at the bridge before it opens, will one's time be stopped?
- No, it is your own responsibility to arrive at the Bridge within the time slot at. 3 pm-5.45 pm - You must drive onto the Bridge no later than 05.45. pm.

Is there a diploma etc.?
- There will be a medal and online diploma that you can pick up / print on our site after the race.

Transporting a piece of luggage - what does it mean?
There is free transport of 1 pcs. luggage from start to finish. The luggage is delivered before your start and picked up at the finish. Max. dimensions are 45x25x56 cm. If this is exceeded, your luggage will be rejected.