With the rebirth of Denmark’s legendary recreational bicycle road race two scenic routes will be launched, i.e. one distance of approx. 376 km  (from Aarhus to Copenhagen) and a shorter route of approx. 193 km (from Odense to Copenhagen).

Participants of both races must reach the same finishing line in Copenhagen. The race is organised so that everyone should have a chance of reaching the Great Belt Bridge within the four-hour time slot (02:45 pm - 05:45 pm) in which the bridge will be reserved in 2 lanes for the participants from Fynen til Sjaelland. You need to travel at an average speed of 23km/h to have a realistic chance of arriving at the bridge within the time slot. You need to start crossing the bridge at 05:45 pm at the latest!

 If you are late, you can not pass on bicycle and it will be your own responsibility to continue in another way. There will be helpers on the brigde.

Aarhus-Copenhagen: Approx. 2.600 vertical metres


Odense-Copenhagen: Approx. 1.000 vertical metres


Aar-Kbh højdekurve[2]
Ode-Kbh højdekurve[1]