Betingelser for tilmelding


1. You must be at least 15 years on race day to participate in Aarhus-Copenhagen and Odense-Copenhagen due to the safety of the Great Belt. 2. When you sign up for Aarhus-Copenhagen or Odense-Copenhagen, your registration is binding. You cannot have your startup fee reimbursed, cf. the Consumer Agreement Act, but may transfer it to other side, this is done in your personal sign up free of charged 3. When upgrading, the price difference is also paid, corresponding to the prices at your time of registration. If you downgrade, you will not receive a refund of any fees. This ia all done in your personal log in. 4. If you lose your physical start number after you have it delivered, it costs a fee of DKK 100, - to get a new one. You must also accept the following points during the registration phase (if you create a team as a team leader, you are responsible for the entire team's acceptance of all applicable conditions). 5. My registration has gone through when I figure on the start list. 6. I participate at my own risk and risk and any accidents / injuries are covered by my own insurance. 7. I have to wear a bicycle helmet during the race, otherwise I will be excluded by the authorities/organizers. 8. Authorities / race organizers can take me out of the race at any time if it is judged that I do not comply with the conditions, and I must drive properly and in accordance with the traffic law.
9. I have to drive according to current rules and with due regard for other participants and road users.10. Possibly purchases cannot be refunded after purchase. But you can buy extras at any time.
11. It is my own responsibility that all data in my registration is up to date, including address for sending starter pack, as well as any acquisitions. Incorrectly delivered shipments are not replaced.12. My attendance fee must be paid before starting, as otherwise I cannot set to start.13. I have my own responsibility for my equipment / equipment / luggage during the day and the organizer cannot be held legally or financially responsible for this in any way. Any damage, theft etc. of matter is the participant's own responsibility. Do I or any other person hand over my equipment to others, including race Samaritans etc. eg. ifm managed, I have the responsibility for the material myself, and the organizer cannot be held responsible in any way for damage / loss etc. Including the participants' luggage, which is transported from start to finish.
14. One free luggage max. 45x25x56 cm. If this is exceeded, the luggage is rejected. 15. If my equipment / bicycle is left due to accidents / crashes / injuries, Veggerby Sport & Culture's collection buses are not obliged to pick up this equipment / bike and take it to the target area, and are therefore not responsible for this.
16. In the event of cancellation of the event, I will not receive my fee back, nor for any add on-fees.
17. Veggerby Sport & Kultur cannot in any way be held responsible legally or financially, even if the circumstances mean that you cannot cross the bridge by bicycle.
18. Follow-on cars not allowed!
19. Tricycles, hangers, etc. is not allowed!!! The usual bike is a racing bike. You are alowed to use an e-bike, you will then get a special startnumber and are not a part of any competion on the raceday.



Should the race be canceled as a result of Force Majeure, including weather, bridge closures, route rescheduling, epidemics, government restrictions or other circumstances the entrant will not be refunded his entry fee and add ons. Any cancellation is decided solely by Veggerby Sport & Kultur A / S and the authorities / police. Veggerby Sport & Kultur A / S is not responsible for problems and deficiencies in public facilities provided by public authorities. The organizer cannot in any way be held liable legally or financially, even if it is deemed that due to weather conditions, accidents, force majeure or otherwise it is considered that the race cannot be completed. Participants accept the the race might be moved to another date.
EXCEPTION. If the race is cancelled due to COVID19, the participants can choose to move the entry to another date og get af refund minus 100,- in administration-fee.