Logistik og sikkerhed


As with all our other recreational bicycle road races, Veggerby Sport & Kultur (VSOK) puts participant safety first. The police and race officials will be involved throughout the race. VSOK will work closely with local police authorities along the route to ensure that the logistics are optimal, for the benefit of all involved.

The final decision on the day of the race whether crossing the Great Belt Bridge will be safe for riders will be made by the police and the management of the Great Belt Bridge (Sund&Belt). Naturally, safety precautions are stringent and VSOK will adhere strictly to all such precautions. However, VSOK does not accept legal or financial liability. And this also applies in the case where crossing the bridge is deemed unsafe due to weather conditions or other circumstances. Also if the bridge is closed totally because of accidents etc.

Remember that as a participant you accept all risks and responsibility. Make sure you are properly insured. Remember helmets are mandatory. Tri-bars are not permitted.


01-09-2012: Motionscykelløbet Aarhus - København
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